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shadowedenigma's Journal

4 way street, activism, agnostic, alanis morrisette, alternative music, ambiguity, angelina jolie, ani difranco, autumn, bad religion, band, band geeks, batman, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, bill clinton, boondock saints, bowling for columbine, bracelets, brindled cupknockers, bruce weigl, canada, cat power, chorus, chuck taylors, civil liberties, coldplay, concert band, cowboy bebop, cynicism, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, david bowie, david lynch, dead baby jokes, dead poet society, democrats, donnie darko, dreaming, edward scissorhands, equality, evil dead, eyeliner, eyes, feminism, flavored coffee, french, gay rights, geeks, girl interrupted, green party, guelph, hair dye, halloween, hating george bush, horror movies, hot chocolate, independent films, jake gyllenhaal, john edwards, john irving, john kerry, journals, kevin smith, kill bill, kissing, kittens, kurt vonnegut, left wing, les miserables, liberal thinking, liberals, life, literature, love, loyalty, mallet percussion, marching band, michael moore, mike lipik, mint chocolate, modest mouse, night, novels, pacifism, painkillers, paul♥, peace, pj harvey, poetry, political radicals, pro choice, radiohead, rain, reading, retro, salvation army, seinfeld, show choir, singing, slash, sleeping, slippers, smashing pumpkins, smith college, stars, stephen king, sylvia plath, tears for fears, the beatles, the bell jar, the eels, the labyrinth, the matrix, the postal service, the who, thrift shops, thursday, toothpaste, tori amos, tree hugging hippies, trinity, used bookstores, vegetarian, virginia woolf, wandering, weezer, west wing, wilco, winter, women's rights, writing, ,